VDO.Ninja basics


VDO.Ninja landing page

VDO.Ninja needs 2 thinks to work:

  • Someone pushing a video feed out from their device
  • Someone viewing that video feed

1.Visit VDO.Ninja with your web browser (Chrome, Edge, Safari)

2.Click Add your camera to OBS

3.Select your camera and audio device from the list of devices

Camera picker window in VDO.Ninja

You will see the video feed of the device on screen, and at the top of the screen a ‘view’ link.

Copy this view link and send it to someone you want to have access to this feed, or place it inside a OBS browser source.

Cheat Sheet

A printable quickstart guide can be found here:

Powered by WebRTC

WebRTC1 is the magic behind VDO.Ninja. While the magic sauce is so much more than that, WebRTC powers the engine. This way VDO.Ninja works everywhere there is a modern browser. MS Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, Vivaldi, Brave. You name it.

VDON is a peer-to-peer system. This means for each new person viewing your feed, a new encode is processed. It also is CPU bound since encoding usually takes place on the CPU. Take care not to overload your system. Keep an eye on your CPU usage.

  1. Web Real-Time Communication