3-person chat

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This article assumes you have first read the basics, including https://guides.vdo.ninja/2personchat

While you can achieve a multi-person chat with a group room, you can also do it without it.

For example, https://vdo.ninja/?view=xxxxxxx&push=yyyyyy

You’ll notice that here we have the link both PUSHing and VIEWing at the same time. This allows us to view a remote video and publish a video to others, using the same website tab. This has the advantage over using two-browser tabs as echo-cancellation will work with this approach, while with two-tabs it might not. It also is compatible with mobile-devices, where two-tabs isn’t likely feasible.

To create a 3-person setup though, you can list multiple streams IDs as view values, along with three different personalized links.




If you go with a simple group room instead, you won’t need to personalize links in this way, but rather just have a single link for multiple guests.

For example, https://vdo.ninja/?room=zzzzzzz

or for something even cleaner, https://vdo.ninja/zzzzzzz